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Yesterday I felt great (and I still do today). My SI joint pain went from a 7 to less than a 1! My body in general feels more limber, a lot less tension everywhere. Right after the session I noticed zero tightness in my neck and there is still no tightness. I absolutely loved it and the results have lasted and even gotten better. I have had the best nights of sleep too.

Ryan Devin

I just had craniosacral with Lynda yesterday and it was truly one of the most magical and profound healing sessions I've ever received. I am all kinds of aligned now and feeling truly blessed!

Melissa Carroll

Lynda I want to thank you. Since my treatment my Reiki and Yoga practice have "opened". That is the word that best describes what I am experiencing. Energy is flowing through me like never before... I am forever grateful you walked into my life.

Barbara Newman